A $30.00 non refundable/non transferable deposit will be required upon booking per person. This will also go towards your balance.


A basic contract will need to be signed between the makeup artist and client in order to provide makeup services.


On location services are available for a group of 3+. A traveling fee will also be required.


Self makeup application courses are available. These will only be available during the weekdays. May be able to accommodate you for weekends depending on my schedule.

Makeup Trials

Makeup trials are available.

Artist 1:1 Makeup Course

I provide makeup courses for beginner and experienced makeup artists.


Do you do Bridal Glam?

Yes, I have worked with many brides.

Do you travel?

On location services are available which includes a traveling fee.

Do you do large groups?

Yes, I provide services for large groups of people. A minimum of 8 people is my limit. If the group is larger than 8 people I recommend booking two makeup artists.

Are eyelashes included?

Yes, eyelash strips are included.

Do I have to book thru your website?

No, it is not required. But I highly encourage it. You can also send me a message thru Instagram.

Se habla español.